Client Information

Access Health serves all of Stark County, but our focus is on low-income, uninsured or underserved individuals and families.  We work with ages 18-64, but assist families if their children need referrals into programs. We utilize Community Health Workers (referred to as CHWs) to help families get connected to resources.

We work with individuals who need assistance with their health by addressing specific needs including:

  1. Pregnancy:   Our Community Health Workers assist pregnant women with their needs to make sure they have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and that their child sees their first birthday.
  2. Health Insurance:  Our CHWs will help you get online with or make sure you are connected to Medicaid in order to know what you are eligible for.
  3. Primary Care and  Specialists:  Medicaid patients report having significant difficulty in finding a provider or delaying care because their health care coverage isn’t widely accepted.  We help you find the doctor you need. .
  4. Access to Care:   Access means that you are able to find the help you need to stay healthy.  That might mean transportation, planning for appointments and interacting with health systems, health professionals and nonprofit resource agencies.

We are about breaking down barriers to health.  We do it by providing individualized attention from our CHWs to create access to health!