Who We Serve

Access Health serves all of Stark County.

We work with individuals who need assistance with their health by addressing  their specific needs

Access Health is working to address current issues in our County:

  1. Medicaid patients who report having significant difficulty in finding a provider or delaying care because their health care coverage isn’t widely accepted. Our membership program supports providers that currently take Medicaid so that they can focus on assessing and treating, while our Community Health Workers assume the burden of effectively providing needed education and addressing their social determinants of health.
  2. Our clients report difficulties with access to care due to no-show and cancellation policies. Access Health works with clients to understand transportation benefits provided by their Medicaid plan; how to plan for appointments and arrange transportation; and most importantly to teach them the basics of interactions with health systems, health professionals and nonprofit resource agencies.

These barriers, along with English proficiency, create health disparities.  Individualized attention with our Community Health Workers helps us to create access to health!