Destination U!

Your Health…Your Way    TAKE IT BACK!

The focus of Destination U! is on interventions, utilizing partner collaborations, to serve our members and residents living in high-risk communities for the prevention and management of chronic disease. 

Access Health acts as a facilitator of resources and utilizes Community Health Workers to create connections for living better lives. Community organizations, health systems, agencies and other partners offer programming that help create layered services in the communities we are trying to reach.

With an array of activities offered, the community is given choices on how they want to learn about health and provides them with safe places to go in their free time. The result is increased healthy social connections, as they find partners to go to class with and share what they have learned with family, friends and each other

Our members will be more informed about how to prevent, treat and manage chronic disease. They gain valuable information as we provide tools and support to help them achieve their own health goals. Importantly, members will be encouraged to move from incentive-driven participation to taking control of their own health as they see the benefits of their participation.

Access Health believes that rethinking health takes time and not everyone starts at the same place.  But  by creating stepping stones to evidence-based programming we can support the messaging toward wellness, the creation of community support groups and partner collaboration.


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