Destination U!

Your Health…Your Way    TAKE IT BACK!

YOUR VOICE:  Community residents have told us they want resources in their community and that they want to be part of how they learn and receive services.

UTILIZING CURRENT COMMUNITY RESOURCES TO ADDRESS THE SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH:  Our partners are bringing existing programs to help residents learn and live better.  Destination U! has the motto – “I learn from you and you learn from me”.

FITNESS:   We have 8 mobile fun fitness activities for our partner locations!

NUTRITION and HEALTH INFORMATION:   Access Health uses several health education interventions – designed, tested and evaluated in Detroit – to bring health literacy to our communities. This learning opportunity is painless, quick and effective!

COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS:  Our partners, our Community Health Workers and faculty, staff and students are helping bring conversations – into the community – picked by the community – relevant to the community.   These are stepping stones to changing the outcome of your health.

Access Health can help residents understand Medicaid, teach people how to ask the right questions at the doctor or with professionals so that you get the answers you need.

WE CONNECT YOU TO OUR COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS FROM YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!  They are free. They respect your privacy and how you live your life.  They are your neighbors.

Call 330-437-3715 to learn about our programs.