Physician Support

Access Health focuses on the patient/doctor relationship.  Our Physician Support Program customizes how physician offices can optimize CHWs being a value-added member of their health team.  By defining the scope of practice and strictly defining what the intervention will be, an organization can avoid role confusion which can lead to disillusionment for the occupation altogether.

The successful integration of CHWs into health systems requires planning and leadership, in addition to preparing the organization and staff for the CHW.  Research cannot stress enough the preparation that should go into training staff.  Teams with a medical staff and a leader that is extremely familiar with CHWs are the key to success.

Our services and training include a provider toolkit, training of staff with leadership direction, customized reporting, and shadowing of the CHW.  We know what to look for that can help teams avoid issues with CHWs. We have the ability to review and help improve processes that increase engagement with clients. In the CHW in Chicago Health Care Setting Survey (2011), employers were asked what barriers or obstacles were encountered in implementing CHW interventions. Forty-five percent stated that there was a lack of understanding the CHW role by health professionals.

Access Health can provide a consultation on how a CHW can be a part of your team, just by referring your clients.  Call us to help you learn more.

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