Access Health has developed proprietary tools that can aid in and evaluate integration of CHWs into Stark County to achieve better health outcomes and reduce costs.

What We Know

As a member of the APHA, Access Health has thoroughly researched core competencies and emerging standards around the role of the CHW.   With that research behind the development of our tools we are better equipped to clearly define to employers and the CHWs how CHWs fit successfully on teams and in agencies.

Access Health has partnered with a professional HR consultant to develop core competency structure in our Center. Keeping core competencies consistent across the pendulum of interviewing, placement, evaluation and then support through coaching/mentoring and peer support learning community can achieve an optimal level of retaining CHWs in the workforce.

CHWs require a base of support in order to do the work and documentation provided in initiatives.  In addition to salary and benefits, costs for phones, tablets, additional training, mileage and general office supplies are also needed.

But support does not stop there.  CHWs need a support system that explicitly knows the problems of integration into agencies and initiatives.  It is one of the number one issues identified in problems getting CHW initiatives off the ground.  Many try to fit them into either a clinical or administrative role and if that doesn’t work, they often try Medical assistants, STNAs and social workers.  None do the same work.

Home visiting programs require supervision and oversight.  Access Health has put together programs, supervision and assessments to ensure that CHWs are successful.

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