CHW Training

CHWs are certified through the Ohio Board of Nursing.  Because they come from the communities they serve, they can have meaningful conversations with their neighborhood in addressing the social determinants of health.  They are an important part of helping communities with health problems such as infant mortality, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental health, cancer and a host of other chronic diseases.  The CHW training prepares individuals for work with a variety of organizations as they help people to be connected to the doctors, programs and resources they need to live better lives.

Access Health Stark County has partnered with NEOMed University and two other Ohio faith-based organizations to deliver CHW training.  We are currently waiting to hear if we are an approved site.  As soon as that happens we will announce our first training sessions and the curriculum for that program.   The minimum requirements for being accepted into training are:

  • Must be 18 years of age;
  • Must have a HS diploma or GED;
  • Must be able to pass federal/state background checks.

The training consists of 120 hours of classroom time and 130 hours of practicum, which we help provide and/or arrange.

You will have to have letters of reference from persons in your community.  In addition we do two interviews in order to make selections for the training.   Training does not mean you will be placed in a position.  This must be discussed when you contact the Access Health office.  We know which initiatives are looking for personnel and often know ones that are down the road.

Contact our office at 330-445-1079 if you would like more information.  After a brief discussion we can direct you to our online application which can put you on the waiting list for the next training.  Call us with any questions you might have.